Seasoned Hardwood Logs

When the winter draws in A1 Gardening and Tree Surgery supplies quality hardwood logs and kindling to keep you warm during the dark and cold months.

We can provide hard or softwood logs quantities ranging from 1 to 40 cubic metres. They are barn stored hard wood as standard unless you’d like a mixed load. We also supply them by the bag for garages and shops and also to customers with very little storage space.

Have you got a pile of wood in a corner that you keep meaning to get cut up for the winter?

We now also offer mobile wood processing. Many of our customers have wood burners or open fires. We offer a logging and splitting service to save you money on the wood you buy yourself. We’ll either process it on site or take it back to our yard and do it for you there. For added peace of mind, your wood will be stored in its own bay just to ensure you get yours back and not anyone else’s!

We work with all types of wood; from the smallest amount to the huge pile someone else left for you that you just can’t face. We have a range of machines to cope with almost all situations. We’ll take it off your hands.

For quality wood to keep you warm in the winter and to solve the problem of that wood stacked up in your back yard, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you.